Simple Handmade Card USING SCRAPS!!!

Introduction: Simple Handmade Card USING SCRAPS!!!

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Hello Everybody! It's spring time now, so I've decided to make this pretty flower card. Isn't it so cute! The best thing about this card is that it uses those scraps that we hold on to because it is such a pretty pattern. I have TONS of scraps and this is such a beautiful and easy way to use them. :)

At the end of this Instructable, I have added a tip for all you stampers. This has REALLY helped me and I hope it will help you!

I have entered this Instructable in the Paper Contest, so if you enjoyed it, please vote for me. I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks! :)

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Step 1: Supplies!

Here is the list of the supplies you will need for this adorable card-

1. Sentiment Stamp (I bought this stamp set at Tuesday Morning for only $3.00!!! On this card I will use the "Hello" stamp, but I just love all the pretty stamps it comes with. The brand is My Mind's Eye and it is the Follow Your Heart Stamp Set)

2. Foam Tape

3. Paper Trimmer

4. Acrylic Block (I just use a sturdy plastic lid)

5. Ink Pad

6. Tape Runner

Paper Sizes-

Card Base- 8 1/2in. x 5 1/2in.

White Banner- 1 1/8in. x 3 3/4in.

Pink Flowers- 1 1/4in. x 5 1/2in.

Pink Flowers- 1/2in. x 5 1/2in.

Orange and Pink Paper- 1/4in. x 5 1/2in.

Step 2:

1. Unfold your card base

2. Cut 1/2 an inch off of one side of the card

(Be sure to keep this piece as we will be using it in just a few steps)

Step 3:

1. Grab your tape runner and 1/2 inch patterned strip

2. Stick it to the inside of the card base to where it is shown through the 1/2 inch strip we just cut

Step 4: Layers!

1. Grab your biggest strip and stick to the left side of the card

2. Grab your white strip that we cut and stick it to the center of the patterned strip

3. Stick the smallest strip in the center of the white strip

Step 5:

1. Place your stamp on the acrylic block and ink it up

2. Stamp your sentiment on your banner

3. Place some foam tape on the back of your banner

4. Stick your banner to your card. Play around with how high or low you want it and also how far left or right. I chose to put it at the bottom with the banner hanging off a little bit to draw attention to it. ;)

Step 6: Make More!

You are done! Like I mentioned before, I have TONS of scraps, so I made a few different cards following the same steps. I hope you enjoyed this simple card Instructable and if you did I would love if you could vote for me. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! ;)

Step 7: Here Is a Tip for All You Stampers!

I LOVE clear stamps! They are so easy to use and you can see right where you are stamping unlike wood mounted stamps. But when I first got my stamps, I wasn't getting clear and crisp results. They were all spotted and I thought it was just the stamps, but it happed with all of them, no matter the brand! I then did research and found a video where she says to use something totally unrelated to stamping... A NAIL FILE! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but it really works! Here I chose a solid brand new stamp that I never used before. In the first picture you can see the results without the nail file. In the last picture, you can see the comparison in the two. Much better isn't it!!! I have used this for all my stamps and the good thing is, you only have to do it once. I've heard people say they would use a pink eraser, but they were having to do it every single time they wanted to use that stamp and, plus, the eraser bits were blocking the stamp preventing a good clean, crisp image. I love that with the nail file you only have to do it one time. It's so simple. Give it a try! :)

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