Simple Hat Mod




Introduction: Simple Hat Mod

I made this hat for my friend to cosplay as Nepeta from Homestuck.
This is a modified version of my magical hat pattern. The bottom band was modified to the pattern i made in the last photo. Then I made the horns out of model magic, painted them, and glued them to a headband. The headband is separate from the hat. Afterwards, I measured the distance between the horns and then opened up the seam so the horns could stick out. I folded in the edges of the horn holes and then hemmed the raw edges.
The lining is also a cute heart pattern that fits the character well :3
There are no instructables/posts on homestuck here, so i thought I should add one :D



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    Lol going to make one X33 love nepeta

    poor,sweet,beautiful Fefeta xD even though this is technically just nepeta... >.> Cool tho!