Simple Headphone Hook - Recycled

Introduction: Simple Headphone Hook - Recycled

I've never done an Instructable before and I've never really had a reason to.

However after buying a new set of headphones which were quite Expensive I decided it was time to find somewhere to put them where they would be in an easy place to reach. The most obvious one for me would be under the shelf above my desk.

However, That would require having the wire dangling down and getting the way (totally not mentioning that I'm too lazy to stand up to get them). So the only other choice would be to have the hook under my desk. On my desk I have a overhanging lip which would serve as the place for the hook.

So thats the placement decided. But where would I get a hook from?
I'm overly impatient and its a Sunday night so theres no DIY/Hardware Stores open that have anything.

Well. Why not recycle?

Step 1: Sourcing the Hook

So everyone has bought a tshirt or some form of clothing that has a coat hanger. If you're like me and you just put your clothes in a pile on a rack, in a drawer or something along those lines you won't need the hangers afterwards. You'll more than likely end up throwing them in a box or something where they're out of the way.

They've got a metal hook on as well that turns around!

Now depending where your clothing is from it will depend on the hanger.

Some shops give you wooden hangers, Some give you plastic ones with a metal hook and some give you a hanger thats all plastic where the hook doesnt turn around. In this simple guide I'm using the Plastic Hangers with a Metal Hook as thats what I've got lying around currently.

If you've got a wooden one. I've added a alternate step for the two steps involved (It's not rocket science, I don't think)

Step 2: Chopping the Hanger Down

Once you've sourced a coat hanger you'll need to chop it down to fit in the place you want it. You want at least 4 inches left to provide a surface to apply glue to or otherwise,

Plastic Hangers:

To chop down my plastic hanger it took some careful mutilating with some pliers.
The best thing you can do is score a line with a sharp knife or something that can dig into the plastic. I have a multi tool that has a small saw attachment for cutting through twigs and such, I used this to score a line. I then carefully snapped away plastic up to the line and then snapped closely to the line. Snap away until theres at least 4 inches left.

As with my hanger the plastic flicked around sometimes when I snapped a bit off. WEAR GOGGLES!

Wooden Hangers:

These hangers are a lot less dangerous to deal with. Find yourself a saw or some sort and cut your hanger down to size. I'd recommend using a ruler and marking your lines in pencil.

Follow the instructions on the wood cutting tool that you're using and use it safely.

Step 3: (Optional): Bending the Hook to Suit

On my hanger the hook wasn't the right shape. It needed bending out a bit. I used two sets of pliers to carefully bend the hook back so my headphones would sit on the hook nicely. If you've got a vice and a hammer/pliers then this may be an easier method.

You don't HAVE to do this but if your headphones are quite thick at the top then you may want to.
Don't worry if you lack the tools to do this.

Step 4: Affix Your Creation to Your Desk

Via the power of hot glue:

This needs little explanation. Apply a liberal amount of hot glue to your hanger and hold it against the surface you wish to stick it to for a minute or two. Give it 5-10mins to fully cool down before applying any weight to it! This was my preferred and only available method to use.

Via the power of nails:

This is best for wooden desks, Pick a few nails and smack them into the hangers base while holding it against the surface you wish to attach it to.

Step 5: Afterthoughts

For the plastic hanger I'd have preferred to use a bandsaw if I had one available.

Make sure your hook has enough clearance to turn around it you want it to and that theres enough space for you to hook your headphones on!

Thanks for reading through, Leave any suggestions below!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I totally just saved a broken hanger from the trash and saved the necessary piece, as well an oval disc I'm yet sure what to do with. This takes care of the hook part! Thanks!


    5 years ago

    I love the simplicity of this concept! The only thing I would suggest is using some other kind of glue. Gorilla Glue, contact cement, or some type of epoxy should do the trick and be a little bit more durable.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I went for hot glue as it was the only thing I had at hand. In future I'd probably want to go for a wooden hanger and nail it to the desk. The desk its self is handmade so I wanted to make everything myself.