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Ever wonder where's a simple place to hide a piece of paper? A piece of secret memo? A piece of layer that contains your secrets or your passwords? Well in this ible, you got the answer. Everyone does have a bookshelf right? So, why don't we use it as another uses rather than just saving books? It's a perfect spot! Looks like nothing, but actually it does have something.

ETA: 2 Minutes

Lvl: Very Easy

Step 1: Preparing...

Well honestly, there's nothing to be prepared. Just need an our intelligence to finish the work. Just need a bookshelf (works with any kind of it), a piece of paper or any piece of anything (that contains your secret or password) and a sticky tape (if necessary).

Step 2: Progressing...

Our bookshelves can be pull it out to open, and push it to close it, right? So logically, there's a space or gap on it. With that gap, we can use it to slide in the paper. It's according to your choice. There's a lot of gap around it. Either put it on the left side, right side, under it, or even behind it. It still useful on any side. If necessary, you can use the sticky tape to stick your paper to its side.

Step 3: Finishing...

As the finishing part, check your paper if its seen or not from the outside. It must be kept carefully. For the final, you can put anything outside or inside that bookshelf, so no one ever feel suspicious about the bookshelf. It may look nothing from the outside, but in its gaps, it contains our most private data. Done :)

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    3 years ago

    Idk what that is but II'm sure is not a bookshelf,

    fixin it

    4 years ago

    If that ur actuall password might wanna change it now

    1 reply
    haydians09fixin it

    Reply 4 years ago

    Nehh those are fake emails and passwords... :D