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Introduction: Simple High-Low Skirt

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This beautiful skirt is a surprisingly easy project that only requires you to sew one line! I made this in around half an hour, possibly less, and the end result was more than I had hoped for.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need:

  • One yard of fabric-- mine is a stretch-knit from JoAnns- I like using knits because in the end they look more flowy. However if you wish to use a non-stretchy, more stiff fabric, you can! However you will probably need an extra half yard of fabric.
  • pins
  • Tailor's tape (or a tape measure. Even a ruler! We're flexible here :) )
  • Sewing machine- you might be able to handsew it if you REALLY need to but a sewing machine is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Once you have all your supplies ready to go, let's get started!

Step 2: Making It High-Low

First, lay out your piece of fabric. Mine was two yards, but I had already cut out a chunk of it for another project. You'll then want to fold it in half-- make sure you do this or the skirt won't work. Then take your waist measurement, and if you're using a stretch knit like me, subtract 20 from your waist measurement. Since my waist measurement is 26", when I subtracted 20 I got 6. So if your waist measurement is 30, the number you would get would be 10. Keep this number in mind- we'll need it soon. Next, decide how long you want the front of your skirt to be, and how long you want the back of your skirt to be. Then, add the number you got from subtracting 20 from your waist measurement to those two lengths: so if your waist measurement is 26" and you want the front of your skirt to be 20" and the back to be 40" make one mark 26" away from the corner of the fabric (we'll call this mark point A) and make another mark 46" from the corner of the fabric, going in the opposite direction (we'll call this one point B). The reason for doing this is so that when you finish your skirt it isn't way shorter than you expect it to be. Then, make an outwardly curved cut from point A to point B. -PLEASE REFER TO THE PICTURES IF YOU NEED HELP-

Step 3: Making the Waist

Now it's time to make the waist- remember that number that you got from subtracting 20 from your waist measurement? I hope so because there's one last thing we need that number for. To make understanding this step easier, let's call this number X. (No, we aren't in an algebra word problem- this is actually going to help, I promise!) Go to the top corner of the skirt and make a mark X amount of inches down on each side of the corner. (Let's call these marks C and D.) Now all you need to do is make a cut in the shape of a quarter circle from C to D. You're almost there!

Step 4: Sewing It Together

Now it's time to sew the open side together! To do this, turn the fabric so that it would be inside-out and pin the sides together. Then, using a zigzag stitch, sew the sides together. While you're sewing with knits it's important to pull the fabric towards you so it maintains its stretch after you finish sewing it.

Step 5: Show It Off!!

You're done! you can hem the edges if you need to or even sew on a waistband if you think it's necessary! I'm making this for a dress, but before I sew the top part to it I'm going to enjoy it as a skirt :) Good luck and happy sewing!

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    And what if you are using stiff fabric? what changes would you use for the waist measurements?


    4 years ago

    Hello! I understand that when I first published this instructable step 3 and 4 were merged and it was pretty confusing- but I changed this and hopefully now it's much more understandable. However if anything is still confusing, feel free to ask a question or two in the comments! and of course, if you made this skirt yourself, please leave me a picture of it- I would love to see it :3