Simple Homemade Bike/Skateboard Ramp




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Step 1: What You Need

You will need a plank of wood that is quite strong (Doesn't matter how wide just wide enough so you can bike up it), some bricks or some wood, and 2 rolls of Duct tape or so.

Step 2: Step 1: Making the Ramp Base

All you will need to do is tape up 5 layers of bricks, 2 bricks wide. You need to tape it strongly. You don't necessarily have to use bricks, you could use wood blocks etc. I used a some wood and some bricks in the base.

Step 3: Decorating the Ramp

You can do what you want to your ramp, you could put Go Faster stripes on it using permanent marker.

Step 4: Connecting the Ramp With the Base

Just tape the ramp to the base but reinforce it. It should keep it stable just the bit more.

Step 5: Enjoying the Ramp

Finally you have just got to enjoy using the ramp.

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    The transition for skateboard wheels would be very harsh if it's just a piece of plywood, you will lose most of your speed(or come to a halt) if you even get enough speed to get all four wheels over the bump. A thin piece of sheet metal "similiar" to a road sign would work great and if you stuck with the duct tape idea it would probably stay on there for as long as the tape on the supports lasted. You might need to redo the tape once or twice before the rest of the tape goes because it's getting rolled over by skateboard wheels so it will wear down whereas if it were just used for a bike you wouldn't need a thin transition to the surface on which it is placed because a bike tire is much bigger than a skateboard wheel (measured in inches not millimeters). I have not attempted this build yet but I thing I might this weekend because it looks very cheap and easy.