Simple Hourglass Using Recycle Soda Bottles




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Hi All,

In this instructions I will be sharing how to make a simple hourglass by recycling soda bottles.

With things one can find easily at home.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Two soda bottles
- cello tape
- Cutter
- PVC solvent
- Sand

Step 2: Bottle Preparation

Cut the bottles from top and bottom as shown and fix them with transparent tape

Step 3: Choosing Sand

The sand should free flowing. Dry it in Sun if needed.

I stay far from beach so used Quartz sand.

We have to filter the sand using fine net filter. Use the sand that could not pass through the filter.
The fine sand stops in between.....

Step 4: Assembly

Use small acrylic sheet with 3mm hole at the center

Stick it to the mouth of one bottle using PVC solvent

Fill sand in the other and then stick it to the other half

Enjoy your hourglass. time it. Mine is 1minute and 26 sec

- Wash sand for dust
- Use narrow soda bottles
- Adjust sand depending on desired time



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    Fun design. This would work really well with those round soda bottles that they come out with every Christmas.

    1 reply