Simple Hydroponics Made Out of Simple Household Materials

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Have you ever wanted to grow something indoors? Well this hydroponic project is a good way to start! You may think of hydroponics as of pumps and chemicals all connected with tanks. Well this is just a container, paper towels, and a seed. Not some advanced thing.


Step 1: Materials

1 piece of paper towel
wide dish (nothing special I used the bottom of a orange juice container)
a seed(s) of your choice

Step 2: Step One

Get the paper towel and the container. Place the paper towel half in half out of the container. After done poor some water on it to soak it. If its not soaked or very moist durring germanation it will not grow right!! Do not place seed in yet.

Step 3: Step Two

Place the seed in the middle. If you are doing more than one place each one at least one inch apart on the paper towel. After all the seeds are in place fold over the other half of the paper towel. Then poor more water until seeds are visable. 

Step 4: Your Done

Not so hard Right? Keep the paper towel soaked for a few weeks until you can see green. Then carfully rip or cut away some of the paper towel. It should be a 1 inch by 1 inch square of paper towel. Plant the paper towel and your new water-grown plant on soil. Let some of the green show. Any questions you have just post. Look for more projects by me, project_builder!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea, I guess there are some limitations to what you can grow but it would be good for stuff like basil and parsley. :)