Simple Ideas Notepad

Introduction: Simple Ideas Notepad

About: I am a teenager, building since I was 4 (and soldering since I was 7). I enjoy building things and inventing all kinds of little projects, some of which I share here!

I'm one of those people that gets cool ideas at the worst moments (As in not in the workshop). For those times, I decided that I needed a small notepad to jot down my ideas or make a quick doodle. Best of all, this is a SYAH (Stuff you already have) instrucatable, so you can do it with right now, and it only takes a few minutes.

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Step 1: Stuff You Will Need...

You will need...
Cereal box cardboard (Or similar, as long as it is not corrugated) 
Exacto knife/Scissors

Step 2: Paper!

It makes sense that we will be needing some paper for this... I folded the paper in half a couple of times and cut it at the folds. This way, I had a stack of papers that was (Pretty much) made up of identical pieces.

Step 3: And Now... Cardboard!

I said this would be quick and easy, right? Look at how quickly this is coming together!
The amount of cardboard I cut was the width of the stack, the height of the stack, and the length of the stack times two. See photo for clarification. After cutting it out, I "Pre-Folded" it so that it would accept the paper in the way that I wanted.

Step 4: Make It Stay and Customization

We cannot let those papers escape our clutches! A few well-placed staples should take care of that, and they will NEVER escape! Mwahahah.
We made the notepad, now we will make it look better. Unless you like the sight of brown cardboard boxes.

Step 5: TaDa!

So the nice thing about this is that I can easily slip it into my pocket and pull it out later, where I will jot down my brilliant idea. My advice would be never to erase anything that goes into it. After all, very few ideas are perfect from the moment they spring into your mind. Jot down the ideas you have and look at them later, when you can develop them. Also, don't trust your memory too much. After all, if it is such a great idea, odds are you will remember, but why take the risk? (If your following of this advice makes you a millionaire, I call dibs on half of that cash.)
So I hope you enjoyed my little instructable. Although it's not much, nor is it particularly groundbreaking, maybe it gave you the idea to try it. Please let me know your thoughts/ideas, and have a nice day!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I could make one for my pocket, another for my desk, and one for my coffee table when I'm on Instructables. I can use the plain side of junk mail and old bills to create the paper to cut out and make them as big or small as I want. Thanks. PT