Simple Improvement to Cheap Rotary Tool

Introduction: Simple Improvement to Cheap Rotary Tool

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I bought 400w rotary tool from China, it has 1-6mm chuck, that allows me to use dremel size and larger bits with it.

Tool itself works very nicely. But i didn't like its design.

Cooling fan was too unprotected, also the "nose" we're little too skinny for me.

It felt unfamiliar to hold it.

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Step 1: Guard

I printed a guard with my dremel 3d40 printer from white pla.

Then i painted it with black matte paint.

I like to paint prints, it gives nicer and smoother looking surface.

Guard is with a tight fit, but i also attached m3 screw to it, to secure it on its place.

Made the threads witm m3 tap.

I made the design using free version of Tinkercad.

When the guard is on its place, it guides the airflow to the sides.

There is opening on the every side, so even if i hold it on my fist, i can't block all of them with my fingers.

Video shows more:

And the link contains 3d model from the guard.

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