Simple Instruments



Introduction: Simple Instruments

Percussion Cups

What you will need:

Two to Three Cups and Rubber bands.

STEP: 1 Find some cups of three or two different sizes, in this case I used a red plastic cup and a subway cup (doesn't matter the cup you use as long as it makes different tunes)

STEP: 2 Grab some rubber bands, now It docent matter how many rubber bands you use but in the picture above I only used four!

STEP: 3 Wrap the rubber bands around the cup so that are pressed together. Find a stick or something to test the sound with, if they all sound the same the either add more rubber bands to one cup or add another cup to the ones you have and have fun!

Wind Flute Straws

What you will need:

Plastic Straws, Tape, and scissors

STEP 1: Grab 14 straws at least (you can do more if you want) and line them up evenly!

STEP 2: After you have the lined up you need to grab some tape (denser matter the tape) and wrap it around your straws, if they don't turn out even after you take them that fine, you can always cut them even.

STEP 3: Grab the scissors and cut each straws diagonally and shorter then the one before it until it creates a sort of 'waterfall' effect and you can always test it by blowing air over the straws to check for three different sound and have fun!

Box Guitar

What You Will Need:

A small box, Rubber bands, Scissors and Tape

STEP 1: Grab the box and carefully cut a square out of the top of the box, in this case we used a trapezoid but a simple square or rectangle will work just fine!

STEP 2: Grab some rubber bands up to a minimum of 4 or 5 and cut them. Once they are cut line them up cross the hole in the box you cut out previously.

STEP 3: Rip off some tape the will cover all the rubber bands you place and lay it across the rubber bands, if have to rip off multiple pieces of tape to make sure it stays thats fine too. After the tape is placed pull the rubber bands to test the sound and have fun!

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