Simple Iphone Stand From 8mm Plexiglass


Introduction: Simple Iphone Stand From 8mm Plexiglass

Here is a simple Iphone stand I made from a scrap pice of 8mm plexiglass.
It made of two parts plexiglass and a sheap  iphone cord.
It´s made on a scrollsaw and I just winged it, so there is no mesurements och plans.
I just put some painters tape on the glass to have something to draw on (and the tape is also needed to lubricate the scrollsaw blade).
I "mesured " by putting the phone on the glass an draw a guide line, and then squared it off with a strait edge.



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    This jus goes to show the simplest designs are usually the best! The "imperfect" lines give it character, and make it look cartoony! Nice work!