Simple JDM PIC Programmer




Introduction: Simple JDM PIC Programmer

I have built this project to burn my small PIC's
This is a serial programmer works on the RS232 ( PC serial port ), known as JDM Programmer, thanks to the site which contains the schematic and the programmer software.

The programmer is powered from the Serial port itself, so there's no need to any external power supply.
But be careful this circuit will not work with the Laptop Serial port due to the weak voltages it has.

- I have used a very nice programmer software called "Win PIC Programmer" you can download it from, it's very stable and powerful.

The project has been tested with the following IC's :


Step 1: The Schematic

The Schematic for this project is shown below, no critical components .

Step 2: The PCB

- I have made the PCB using WinQcad Software it's easy and has a nice autorouting feature. Please download the PDF document which contains the true scale dimensions.

You will see two files :

PCB.pdf and PCB_copper_pour.pdf
the second one has a "mass copper pour" to save your etching solution and to speed up the etching process without affecting your tracks.

- I used the Toner Transfer method draw the tracks, i can say the output is nice. I have included the steps required to make PCB in the following steps.

Step 3: Toner Still on the PCB

This output from the Ironing process, you can see the black toner tracks, the paper has been removed using a tooth brush.

Step 4: Etching

The PCB is then inserted in the Etching solution, i used Ferric chloride it's cheap in my country.
Be careful it's a toxic material don't do this step in your kitchen.
Actually i did, but my wife wasn't there :)

Step 5: Final PCB

I used acetone to remove the toner, then it's ready to drilled.

Step 6: Soldering

The components are soldered.
Note the brown wire, i have made a mistake when routing the PCB in WinQCad, don't worry it's corrected in the attached pdf files.

Notice the drawings on the component side, it's a guide when placing the components in case it's a big project :-)

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7 months ago

Hi, will it program 18f458? I plan to build tis over the weekend.

Can I connect Vdd to a 5V supply or TxD pin with a 78l05?

Can I drill the holes now?
Or do I need to do something else?

2 replies

Yes, this picture was before I scraped the toner off of the board using steel wool. Underneath is the copper etch.

even though my pc serial port gives 12V, my pc isnt detecting this programmer

i don''t have serial port on my pc,so can i use serial to usb adapter,will it works?
reply me plzzz i need to program pic16f628A.thanx in advance

3 replies

No, it won't work with a usb-serial converter.

I want to program PIC12F629 with readymade .hex code. Which programmer should I use? I would like to know the best and cheapest programmer available. I bought PICKIT2 clone from India but I had very bad experience with it. I couldn't program with it.
Can you please suggest me good programmer?

1 reply

PICKIT2 is the best programmer. I tried an Chineese clone with a pic12f629 and it works fine.

Very Good Article. I need to program a 28 pin dip (PIC18F2220). Will this do the job? What mods are needed other than the bigger socket? What software do you recommend? Many Thanks. This is for a GPS Disciplined Oscillator. 73, Larry

1 reply

nope. Using this programmer with that PIC won't work and it might even kill it!

Anyone know if a PIC16c54 chip would work? Not sure of the differences between a 16C54 and a 16f84?

1 reply

16Cxx are HISTORY. It's almost USELESS since you could only program it ONCE.

16Fxx are flash-based so you could program it multiple times. And 16F84 is more powerful.

you tried it with some kind of adapter or directly to the serial port

Some USB serial converters are for the RS232 protocol , thus they are have the txd and RxD functions ( pin 2 and 3) , look for a converssor that can perform communication with flow control hardware.