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Introduction: Simple Jig Saw Hack

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This is a very simple simple solution to a problem I had with saw dust collecting in front of my jig saw while I was trying to follow a line. You can do this on a job site very easily. All you do is direct the air from the motor towards the blade. 



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    2 years ago

    It's a perfect example of that things we see and think 'why the manufacturers doesn't include it in their tools'... Thanks for share.

    ive got a metabo jigsaw that blows air from a duct directly above the sawblade

    That's so simple and effective I'm surprised manufacturer's don't do it
    Great job, I frequently 'loose the line'

    That is a fantastic hack - cutting a line and having sawdust keep getting in the way is a pain - - hack logged in memory bank.

    Big respect.


    Just in time, got a small project this will come handy. I like thinking out side the box.

    Actually, many new jigsaws already come with a "dust blower" system, some even have an adapter for a vacuum hose. Either way, nice and simple workaround if you have a jigsaw without blower.

    Nice! often the simplest things are the best.

    Thats actually a simple genious move. Nice, I'l have to try that.