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Heylo People. In this instructable, I made a common thing, which is a book. Why did I choose book? Because most of us likes to read books, so it's very common to most of us. But, this book isn't consist of papers, instead it's holding something precious that I want to keep it secretly. Before we begin, you need to choose what book you want to re-make. After you finish deciding that, let's begin.

Step 1: Preparing...

This instructable need a few of common things, such as:

1 Cardboard (Any size according what book you want to design)


1 Rubber Band



Cutter (or Scissor, but recommended cutter)

Tape (or Plastic Tape)

Printer (to Print the covers and the sides of the book)

Step 2: Printing...

In this instructable, I choose a dictionary book, because it's easy to make, and it's a very common book. So first of all, you need to print the front cover, the back cover, the side cover, and a template that looks like bunch of papers. Just like in my picture.

Step 3: Cutting...

Now, cut some cardboards for the book sides. The length, height and width is up to you, it's according to the book you're designing. For my dictionary, I used 3 cm for the width. After you finished making the 4 sides, let's continue.

After finish this making, cut the templates, and paste them on the sides of the book. And don't forget to cut cardboards for the cover, then paste the cover templates.

Step 4: Pasting...

After pasting the templates, now paste the sides of the book to the back cover. Make the glue strong enough to stand, if it isn't strong enough, you may use tape for emergency. You're 50% done!

Step 5: Folding...

Now for the front cover. Create a tiny hinge made by paper, so the front cover can be open and can be close. Make it strong enough, too. Actually, there's many alternatives for the hinge. You may use other ways, according to your imagination.

Step 6: Holding...

Now for holding my precious thing, I used rubber band, so it fits to any size of my precious thing. You can paste it with glue, or just paste it easily with tapes. There's also many alternatives for this thing, you may use other ways to finish it.

Step 7: Finishing...

Now, I can put my external hard drive in a dictionary. Then I can hide it wherever I want it to. Yay!

Step 8: Hiding...

Find a perfect spot to hide your new book. Now, it's totally looks like a real book, but inside, it's holding something precious.



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