Simple Knex Axel Thingy

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This is a robot like thing that I make some times. Thought id share it with you.

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Step 1: Materiels

You will need:
2 giant yellow gears
4 blue spacers
2 pink connectors
2 white connectors
2 black ball end connectors
2 yellow rods
1 red rod
2 red connectors
1 green connector
1 small battery powered knex motor

Note: the red connectors in the pics are dark grey

Step 2:

Attach the white connectors to the sides of the motor as shown in the pic.

Step 3:

connect the two yellow rods to the white connectors in the same direction facing straight down from the motor's bottom.

Step 4:

Slide the motor assembly into the center of the red rod.

Step 5:

slide two blue spacers onto the red rod. two spacers for each side of the motor.

Step 6:

clip a pink connector in front of the blue spacers.Repeat for the other side.
Make sure that the little stick out parts of the pink connectors are facing away from the motor.

Step 7:

Slide a wheel on each side of the red rod and insert the stick out parts of the pink connectors into one of the small holes on the wheels.

Step 8:

clip a black ball end connector in front of each wheel.
Note: you don't have to use ball end connectors, any connector will do.

Step 9: Finished!!!

Just position the motor upwards and the attached part of the motor on the floor and turn it on!!

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    I don't think my camera has flash. Ill check though. Also anyone interested in a nes and/or snes cartridge holder from knex? Because that,s my next instructable!! Won't take long, probaly be on the website saturday