Simple K'nex Chair Swing Ride (Chair O Planes)





Introduction: Simple K'nex Chair Swing Ride (Chair O Planes)

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Built this for my younger sibling, thought I'd share it with you all!

Uses a red battery pack motor with the long cord which turns a red cog which, in turn, turns a small blue cog.

The carriages are shaped like mini jet planes which can accommodate 2 lego mini figures!





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    Ahah, nice to see you're still active. I was Psychocurtains back then(2010), forgot my details xD Good to see we can move on and build things other than weapons from knex :)

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    Thanks, I wouldn't really consider myself "active" because I only made this for my little sister whilst I was visiting my parents' house over Easter (I'm only a Pro because I cooked something from an instructable by one of the admins) but when I go and visit them in the summer I'll probably make something else for them. In other news we recently discovered a knex 6 foot ferris wheel (the official one) under some covers at the back of my Dad's Warehouse (it's shared with another company), so if we can't find anyone to claim it we'll end up inheriting it, which is pretty awesome :P

    Probably not because it would probably be quite easy to build it from the video, there are no real moving parts apart from the bit where the motor goes and I put a close up of it in the video. Also, I live in a different city to my parents, which is where this and the rest of my k'nex and stuff is so I can't photograph the parts anyway :P


    5 years ago

    This creation is on the chairway to heaven (lol?)

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