Simple Knex Pistol

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Hi guys first instructable so hope you like it.=) its a knex gun (duh). The Chain Stock is optional.
Comfy Handle
Reasonably long range for its size

Long Reload Time
Ammo falls out of barrel if tipped forward

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Step 1: Piece Count

Ok piece count


Green: 14
White: 39
Blue: 3
Yellow: 2
Red: 2
Grey: 0

Dark Grey: 6
Light Grey: 4
Red: 15
Green: 2
Yellow: 13
Orange: 1
White: 2
Blue: 0
Purple: 0

Y Connectors: 4
Ball Socket: 1
Chain: 32
Elastic Band: 2

Step 2: Handle

Build This

Step 3: Top

Make This

Step 4: Trigger

Connect the two pieces you've already made together

Step 5: Trigger Elastic and Sight

Follow the notes

Step 6: Ram

Making The Firing Mechanism!!=)

Step 7: Chain Stock

This is optional

Step 8: Complete!=)

Well done! you've finished! to load follow the pictures:

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    no not to powerful u can use a stronger elastic band ive got it 2 shot 3-4 meters=)