Simple K'nex Gun




Introduction: Simple K'nex Gun

This is a really simple gun, this is what you need for this gun:

2 red sticks
4 white sticks
3 green sticks
2 white connectors
16 red connectors
1 orange connector
2 grey connectors
2 rubber bands


-Fast building
-You don't need many peaces of K'nex
-You can use more bullits at the same time


-It's only shoots 13 feet
-It's not a beauty

Step 1: The Base

I think it is clear.

Step 2: The Ram

I think it is clear again...

Step 3: Put the Ram in the Base

Wow, I am still clear...

Step 4: Add the Rubber Bands

I am a genius.

Step 5: Last Step

I know I am bad at english.

You can replace the red sticks for grey sticks, but than, you can only use 1 rubber band.



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    3 Discussions

    Not so good. 3/5
    Try a gun instead of just another ram & block trigger

    yeah this is not that great. The firing pin is new, but it seems very weak. 2.5*, because it has something new, but the rest of it is just tube and stick.