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Now a days LED light is very popular, it is widely use in lighting system instated of ordinary filament bulb, florescent tube light and compact florescent lamp. The main advantage of the LED light is consume low power and long life. So it can be reduce your cost of electric charge.

Now you can be made a simple LED light for using at your home by replace of night lamp. It is very simple to make and all component are available in your local market or may be from old unused electronic equipment’s.

For construction of LED light you have need some components as per following list.

1) LED 20 nos.

2) Transformer 12v. 1 no.

3) Capacitor 100uF/25v 1 no.

4) Diode 1N4007 4 nos.

5) P.C.B. 1 no

6) Regulator IC 7812 1 no.

7) Resistor 10 Ohms/1W 1 no.

You first test all the components whether good or bad if found any components is bad then replace that then assembling it as per circuit diagram on PCB. When you use electronic parts those parts should have correct values, watt and voltage.

Step 1: Complete Assembling PCB

Complete assembling PCB

Mains Voltage

NEED SAFETY When Transformer Primary to be connect with 240 Volts Mains supply.

Step 2: Set for Use

Set for use

Step 3:



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    3 years ago

    Hello, Mr. Kamal Das! Can this scheme work from 3nos. 1,5V Buttery. If this possible demonstrate please. What kind of LED you are using LED-YELLOW or LED-WHITE ?THX a lot.


    I think i am going to try this, I need a general purpose lamp to illuminate my workbench, and I have all the salvaged parts available, thank you for posting the details.

    1 reply