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Introduction: Simple LED Lit Fish Bowl

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Greetings all! This is James Kindred Customer Service Supervisor at Elemental LED. This is my first Instructables project and I not only wanted to make something unique, functional, and inexpensive but something anyone could personalize.  Also, I wanted it to be made out of things that everyone has access to and easy to make for all ages. My original design used a clear wine bottle that I cut with my dremel but I wanted to make something out of common stock materials.  

I came up with the idea by chance.  I was drinking a glass of white wine and thought I could make a fish bowl out of it.  Next I needed a way to not only light the bowl but also house the materials and act as the stand.  I figured a flower pot would be usable and inexpensive.  Last I wanted to incorporate our company colors and my Irish heritage.  So if you look closely you will see the rock is green and clear like our logo. Give a closer look and you will see green, white and with the fish being orange you have all the colors of the flag of Ireland.

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Step 1: Materials, Cost and Time

(1) Plastic Flower Pot, 5.25"x 6'
(1) Glass Vase, 3.25" X 12" tapered
(1) Krylon Copper Effects Paint
(1) Bag Clear Glass Rock
(1) Bag Green Glass Rock
(1) DC Wire Plug
(1) 12V Adapter 6W
(1) Car LED Dome Light
(1) Siamese "Lighting" Fish  $14.95 - Beta fish are generally $2.50 but can be more expensive depending on the breed.

Total Expenses = $53.39

Time: 1 day

Step 2: Prep

I removed all the labels off the flower pot and the bottom.  I cleaned them with soap and hot water and dried them both by hand and allowed them to dry for about an hour. 

The glass rock I cleaned with soap and hot water but used a common kitchen strainer for the rock to rest in to dry. 

For the glass vase I again cleaned with soap and hot water and allowed to dry on its own.

Step 3: Paint

Painting is important.  Always paint in open areas and if not please wear a dust mask.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the product that you are using.  I prefer to paint in very light coats and allow at least 20-30 mins in between coats.  This project took 3 coats in total for the flower pot.

Step 4: Assembly

Prior to attaching the base you will need to run the wire though it.  Luckily most pots have holes in the base or bottom so it makes installation a breeze.  Attach the DC wire plug to the LED Dome light and please dry test your lighting prior to snapping the base of the pot back on. Place the rock in the vase, the vase in the pot and fill with water.  1-2-3 viola you have your custom Siamese "lighting" fish bowl! Say Hello to "Muhammad LED".

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