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Introduction: Simple LED Flowers

Hello, and please enjoy my awesomely simple to make LED flowers. I came up with the idea for the flowers because of my little sisters graduation. She wanted something a little more than just a regular flower for her graduation gown. LED flowers are great for any occasion, birthdays, valentines day or any holiday. They are magnetic so they can be attached to any metal fixture for a bright night light or fridge/hood ornament. (wrap a metal wire with green tape and attach as a stem for a bouquet of LED flowers). They can be fixed on purses, backpacks, hats, or shirts with multiple magnets to make for a strong broach. Please look up "LED throwies" to help you get an idea of how it works and check out my "LED SPORELINGS" for more creative versions.

Tools needed:
-Glue gun + sticks

Materials needed:
-Florescent spray paint
-neon and clear rexlace (plastic lacing)
-Packaging peanuts
-10mm blue LED (preferably a non-diffused super bright)
-3v lithium battery
-Button Magnet
-Electrical tape

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Step 1: Prep Packaging Peanut

First begin by placing packaging peanut on chopstick and lightly build multiple coats of different florescent colors. i like to spray a base color and then using a different color. barley push down the nozzle to create a splatter effect that gives nice contrast.  

Step 2: Hollow Out Peanut

Second, hollow out the inside of the packaging peanut (using chop sticks) to prepare for inserting the led.

Step 3: Insert LED

Gently hold the top and make sure not to crush its form. Slowly insert LED into peanut, twisting back and forth till it is in the peanut the same length as the second photo. Hot glue the led after it is secure inside the peanut from the bottom to ensure it does not come out.

Step 4: Poke Holes for Lace

Using your scissors, poke holes through the top of the peanut to make it easier to weave the lace through. (be careful not to rip unwanted holes, the hot glue will sap through)

Step 5: Cut Desired Lace "petals"

Use the lace to cut as many "petals" and "pistils" you want. I usually use 2-4 laces for petals and 3 pistils both different colors. Glow in the dark lace works great too.

Step 6: Weave Lace in Place

Now weave the lace through the holes you previously made and stop till they are even on both sides. Bend back the lace to meet into its original hole creating a "petal".

Step 7: Hot Glue Petals and Pistils

Hot glue (careful not to burn yourself, might be handy to have ice near by) the inside of the peanut down to the LED to form a strong "core". Then add your "pistils" and put a drop of hot glue at the end of them for a nice effect.

Step 8: Insert Battery and Magnet

Place completed led flower into battery and make sure it turns on. Wrap with electrical tape around once then attach magnet and wrap it around once again to secure tightly. Give it to your favorite DJ as a broach after he watched you wear it all night or gift it to a family member, put it up in your car, around the house or you local city. keep being creative and it will never run out of battery life.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    can i know how many days the battery will last for??


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, cool use of packing peanuts!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    awww thank you so much for your support! ive got more projects to come using the same teqnique. stay tuned