Simple LEGO Toys: UFO Top




Introduction: Simple LEGO Toys: UFO Top

Build a UFO top from several simple LEGO pieces.

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Step 1: Find Your Pieces

Collect the parts you need for this project. Part numbers are from

2x3961 Radar Dish 8x8
1x3941 Brick, Round 2x2
1x4032 Plate, Round 2x2 with Axle Hole
1x32073 Technic, Axle 5
(Optional) 1x minifig head (any)
(Optional) 1x30151 Brick, Round 2x2 x 1 2/3 Dome Top

Step 2: Build the Main Body

Attach the round brick to the inside of one radar dish. Attach the round plate to the inside of the other radar dish. The brick and the plate each have a hole for the axle which allows them to be joined together The two round pieces will be hidden inside the body of the UFO and offer a little bit of extra mass to help the top spin.

Step 3: Make It Into a Top

Place the two radar dishes together such that they form a standard UFO body. Insert an axle into both dishes to form a top. Push the axle through so that it sticks out a little on just one side (which is the bottom).

Step 4: Decorate It

Place the dome on the top of the UFO. You can add your favorite minifig head inside the dome. You can also substitute decorated radar dishes or other colored parts as you see fit. And it's a top, so you can give it a spin and watch it turn.

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    12 Discussions


    13 years ago

    this is kinda lame


    12 years ago on Introduction

    take out the lego put in a led throwie and uve get a cooler spin top


    13 years ago

    I guess Austin didn't get any legos for xmas :) The only piecei dont recognize is the lil green dome. GJ otherwise.