Simple Lamp on the LED Strips.

Introduction: Simple Lamp on the LED Strips.

After spending 1 night and a small number of components can be made just such a nice lamp.

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Step 1: Сomponents Used

I used:

  • DC adapter 5V 2A

  • Attiny85 Digispark
  • 2 m 5V WS2801 RGB LED Strip 32LEDs/M Addressable
  • Empty plastic bottle 2L

  • Glass flower vase

Step 2: Design

In a plastic bottle that I cut off the neck. At the bottom (near the bottom) cut a small hole approximately

2x3 sm.

Then, starting from the hole, the spiral belt pasted onto the bottle.

Soldered module and power jack. Module (pre-loaded software) slipped into the hole.

The whole structure covered vase, turning it upside down.

Connect the AC adapter and voila.

Step 3: Driving and Code.

Pin 2 Attiny - clock. Pin 3 - serial data.

I got 64 LEDs.

The program includes several illumination options. They are selected at random.

Fantasy I only lasted for a small amount. Attigny volume of memory allows you to record the same amount.

Strip_Colors - an array of 64 x 24-bit numbers.

The array is populated with data (RGB color LED for each) and then transferred to the tape.

When transferred last byte, tape ignited.

Code attached.

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