Simple Leather Briefcase




Introduction: Simple Leather Briefcase

Anyone can easily create this Simple Leather Briefcase.

Step 1: Materials & Cut Out the Pattern & Punching


1) Leather (scrap of vegetable tanned leather, Thickness 2mm)

2) Rivets - 4~5mm , 12ea

3) Punch - 2mm, 3mm

4) Thread & Needle

Step 2: Smoothing Edges & Applying Finishes

1. Use Edge Beveler on the edges

2. Applying finishes on the total area ( You can use just Water ^^)

3. Please fold the form of a bag

Step 3: Put a Rivet

1. After puching and put the rivet

Now this bag is almost finished.

Step 4: For Handle !!

The Handle is very important.

1. Cut out the Handle-pattern & Attached to the leather Bond.

2. Griffe Size 4mm for Sewing.

3. The stitching is strong.

4. Use Edge Beveler on the Handle - edges

Step 5: Handle Connection

1. punching & use rivet for Handle connection

Step 6: Completion !!!

About 2 Hours, This bag is completed.

The magazine, about 5 books in the Bag!

Thank you.

See you next the leather craft.

Step 7: Pattern (bag & Handle)

So many requests for this pattern.

Pattern can be printed and used.

Please use the size changing, You can create a big bag & small bag.

It also includes a handle ^^

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    29 Discussions

    HI, This is ssooooo cool. PLEASE help with a pattern or at least dimensions?

    very nice and elegant! what's the metal item in step 5?

    This bag has such clean lines which makes it look very elegant. How are the snap buttons holding up? The have to deal with a great deal of load if you put anything heavy in the bag

    If you can save your pattern as a PDF or write the dimensions down (on the template and just take a new photo), many people would try making this. It looks really nice!

    No, you posted a photo of the pattern, that is not a pattern. There are no size dimensions shown on the photo so to a novice, the photo would be of no help.

    I really like this bag, it is simple yet elegant and very functional. It is an example of straightforward and uncluttered design at it's very best. Well done indeed.

    1 reply

    I should have said sewing, not stitching I guess ;)

    What was the name of the tool you used to make multiple holes really quickly?

    1 reply