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Introduction: Simple Leather Wallet

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This wallet can only put cards and banknotes, very simple.
The instruction is specifically for people who want to experience the fun of making leather goods or just want to do a wallet but do not want spend too much.

The advantage is

1.Can save the cost of buying leather tools ( like those

2.The wallet pattern will be very accurate which cut out by the laser cutter. It can avoid hand-made false.

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Step 1: Prepare the Material

To build this wallet you need

1. 30x30cm leather(1.2-1.5mm thickness)

2. Wax thread

3. Needle

4. Laser cutter

Step 2: Cut the Pattern With Laser Cutter

If you live in Berlin or Taipei, here is the link to some of the recommended laser cutting shop and leather tools shop.

I would very recommend in Taipei FabLab dynamic.

You can use all the equipment for free.

the attached wallet pattern can be adjusted, you can draw a few more layers or coin purse, as you like.

The hole diameter is set to 0.9mm, for the thick wax thread.I will suggest setting 1mm.
Thin wax thread or flat wax thread recommended 0.8mm.

*If your thunder cut machine model is just GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS

the setting value could be

cut // speed 3.8 power 95 repeat2

carving // speed35 power30

Step 3: Measure the Thread

Measure the seam to be sewing and cut it about the 4 times longer.

Step 4: Wax Thread a Needle

poke it through the thread.

pull it through 2cm and poke it again to make a loop

thread it through the eye of your needle

By the needle position to pull up, more than the end of the needle

Straighten the thread.

Step 5:

thread a leather needle on each end

Step 6: Sewing Leather

here I use Two Needle Saddle Stitch to sew the piece.
or you can use Saddle Stitching With One Needle, both ways are ok.

Step 7:

When you get to the end you are going to backstitch with both threads to lock them in place.

Take one needle and pass it through the hole behind it, then pass the other needle through that hole from the other side.
cut the thread very close to the stitch and glue it.

Step 8: Good Work


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