Simple Led Lighting for a Shed

first of all i don't know why i am writing this because every one just skips this step but if you are one of those people who do read it. This project was born when i needed a light source for when i am working on stuff of a night and need a light source which i needed to be battery operated because i don't have any mains power.

Step 1: Materials

okay so what you need is:

led strip:



battery clip

wire (got mine from old charger)

9v battery (already had one)

all this comes under £10

Step 2: Wiring Everything Up

ok so the first thing i did was drilled two holes through the bottom of the box then hot glued the battery to the bottom

then i drilled through the top of the box and threaded the wire through and connected with terminal block(you can solder the connections if you want) I just wired this up as you would any other switch but just in case I included a diagram

Step 3: Putting the Leds Up

this is really simple peel back the sticky back tape and stick to any surface you like and i just connected the led strip with a terminal block

Step 4: Installing the Light Switch

i just simply screwed it on to the wood and put the faceplate on.

Step 5: Cable Mangament

ok so i only had cable clips what were to big so i just simply put a nail through the middle

Step 6: First Test!!!!!

not much to say other than it works!!!!!!!!!



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    2 years ago

    Great 1st Instructable!

    I am a bit worried about how long your small 9V battery will last. Also, since your LED string is rated 12V you are under driving the string and losing out on some additional light. As a minimum I would think you would want to use some larger batteries (like these connected in series) to have a longer run time. And, ideally, use a rechargeable battery and solar panels as Imnohos suggests.

    Good luck and keep 'Making'.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    ye looking into solar panels like Imnohos said but i just used what i had on hand and the the lights are still running after six hours acidently left them on


    2 years ago

    good idea. i wonder how difficult it would be to make it solar powered?


    2 years ago

    Actually, your Instructable intro is quite important. If clearly written as a brief description of what it is all about (a summary if you will), most people who find it of possible interest will stay with you all the way, this is important if you are soliciting votes for contests, so on your next one make it more inviting to a reader to see what you have to say.

    Now I'm just sayin'... ☺


    2 years ago

    Excellent first instructable! I love adding LEDs to anything and everything!

    1 reply