Simple Lego Smartphone Stand

Introduction: Simple Lego Smartphone Stand

Hey everybody! This is my first Instructable ever and it is a super simple lego stand for your smartphone. It takes but a few seconds to assemble and then disassemble, making it very convenient for traveling. It requires very few pieces and is extremely helpful.

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Step 1: Aquire Pieces

Some of these pieces were harder for me to find, but as an ex-lego addict it just took a few minutes of searching for the right ones.

Step 2: Make the Holding Part

This is the part of the stand that actually holds the phone, and can be made by sliding the cross shaped bar into the cross shaped holes at the top of each beam.

Step 3: Create the Supports

These the two supports that keep the stand up and from sliding. Just stick two of the connectors into the two supports like so.

Step 4: Add More Pegs

These are the pegs that stop the supports in the back from sliding, and are crucial to the design. Stick the short part in 4 holes down.

Step 5: Create the Cross Supports

These two are the actual supports that are attached to the pegs. Just take two of the smaller connectors and attach them onto the ends as seen.

Step 6: Add the Supports

As you can see, the supports are now added right below that grey crossbar. If you try to use the stand now, the weight of the phone will push down on the supports and it will slide down.

Step 7: Add the Cross Supports

Now you can add the yellow cross supports onto the third hole down on the black supports, and onto the pegs on either side of the frame.

Step 8: Use Your Stand

Voila! You now have your very own phone stand, and the best thing is that it didn't cost a buck! Thanks for reading, and let me know if you need more detail!

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