Simple Lego Table and Chair

A simple Lego table and chair made as an English class project.

Step 1:

Locate 3- 2x8 blocks and place them pins down with their long edges touching. Then Locate 2 - 2x6 blocks.

Step 2:

Place 1 - 2x6 block flush along each short edge of the now 6x8 rectangle. Locate 12 - 2x2 blocks and make 4 vertical stacks 3 blocks tall. Place 1 stack of blocks in each corner of the assembly.

Step 3:

Locate 2 - 2x4 blocks and 4 - 1x2 blocks. (The 4 - 1x2 blocks could be replaced with a 3rd 2x4 block). Place the 2 - 2x4 blocks pins down with their long edges touching. Place the 4 - 1x2 blocks along the center line to connect the 2 - 2x4 blocks.

Step 4:

Locate 8 - 1x1 blocks. Make 4 stacks of blocks 2 blocks high. Place a stack at each outside corner of the 2x4 blocks.

Step 5:

Flip the chair assembly over. Locate 3 - 1x4 blocks and stack all 3 on top of each other. Place this stack of blocks along any edge of the chair assembly.

Step 6:

Finally a completed Lego table and chair for every  miniature housing need.



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