Simple Lego Wall Shelf





Introduction: Simple Lego Wall Shelf

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a wall shelf out of legos. There are 7 steps for which I have broken down for you. The final product length is 12-13 inches. 

2 push pins
4x2 flat:  6
6x2 flat:  72
8x2 flat:  4
1x6 flat:  4
1x8 flat:  1
The parts can be substituted for different lengths, but these are the pieces I used.

Hint: Click on pictures to enlarge them.

Step 1: Row 1

You will need 21 pieces of 6x2's. Align them in a neat row face down.

Step 2: Row 2

You will need 20 -6x2's Attach them on the top of the first row. Use the picture for reference.

Step 3: Row 3

You will need 16 -6x2's Attach them on the top of the second row. Use the picture for reference. Note the spaces between the pieces.

Step 4: Row 4

You will need 6 -6x2's, 2 -4x2's, and 1 -8x2. Attach them on the top of the  third row. Use the picture for reference. Place the push pins in their space.

Step 5: Row 5

You will need 2 -6x2's, 2 -4x2's, and 2 -8x2. Attach them on the top of the fourth row. Use the picture for reference. These pieces secure the push pin in place.

Step 6: Rail

The rail keeps objects from falling off the side and gives it a nice look. I used 7 -6x2's, 2 -4x2's, 4 -6x1's, and 1 -8x1. Place the rail in between the last two rows of bumps. Place the side rail (4x2 piece) on each side. Look at pictures.

Step 7: Finished Product

You are now finished. Attach this to the wall to show off your special possessions. The reason for the extra rows is for support. I've made this 3 years ago and put various stuff on it. It has never broken and is very strong. Caution: never put this too low to the floor as children may try to remove it and poke themselves with the push pins. Leave comments and any questions you have.

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