Simple Life Hack! Give Your Ugly Yellow Switch Board a White & Shiny Look

Introduction: Simple Life Hack! Give Your Ugly Yellow Switch Board a White & Shiny Look

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White color of Switch Boards Often turns yellow due to Sun heat/Dust & other weather Conditions.You can easily give these Ugly Yellowish Switch Boards a new Look.Whole process only requires 1-2 Minutes.

Hope you like the Idea.Please do comment in case of any further clarification required. Note:Always Turn Off main Power of your Home before doing any work at Switch Boards for safety purposes.

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Step 1: Required Tools

Tools required are...

1) Only a 150 Number Sand Paper is required for this DIY Project

Step 2:

if your Switch Board have a front Cover.Remove it for better Access .

Now Start Rubbing it gently with Sand Paper No# 150. You can easily get this Sand Paper from Any Hardware Store.

Step 3:

You can see white Color appearing after a little rubbing.

Carefully Rub Corners & Tiny areas to remove yellow spots.

Step 4:

Half of the job is already done.

Front cover is also rubbed half to show the Difference,

Step 5:

Here is the Final Look after Entire Switch Board is rubbed smoothly with Sand Paper.

Hope you like this Simple & Easy Idea. You can watch Complete You Tube Video Below.

Comments are more than welcome.

Stay tuned as more simple projects are coming soon.

Good Bye

Nazim Khan

Step 6: YouTube Video

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good life hack, it looks much more neat :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Swansong....

    i was going to change these Switch Boards earlier,but a little effort save me couple of Bucks...