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In this instructable I am going teach you an awesome technique with which you can cool down your laptops really fast.

We have been facing the laptop heating issues for long time and we are still without any permanent solution until now.

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Step 1: Parts Needed:

For this project you are going to need:

1) a CD rewritable DVD drive case

2) a bldc fan

3) 2 male female cables

4) insulation tape

5) 20 volts DC charger

6) a double sided tape

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Step 2: Connections:

Connect the male female cables to the bldc fan.

Cut some part of the double sided tape and stick it to the back of the bldc fan.

Now press the bldc fan on the inside part of the CD rewritable DVD drive case until its strongly fixed.

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Step 3: Further Connections:

Now connect the laptop charger to the male female connectors connected to the bldc fan and plug it in.The bldc exhaust fan should start working.

Now the outer body of the CD re-writable DVD drive case is such that it also acts as a holder for your laptop and you can easily place your laptop on it.So thats it guys.That was all about the instructable.

Thank you!

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    1 year ago

    A lot of times, I've found that as laptops get smaller, thinner, the companies don't take into effect, the cooling requirements of the CPU. I'm beginning to think it's a feature, more than a flaw!?!?! Also, try reverse flowing the air on the cooling fins, with a short burst of air.. A lot of the times, dust, hair, smoke particles (cooking, etc.), crud gets clogged between the cooling fan and the fins.. I'm glad your idea for a cooling fan uses an external power supply.. Never understood the logic of the USB powered ones, plugged into the computer (ADDING to the power load.)

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