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Introduction: Zipper Pouch

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This is a tutorial for making a simple zipper pouch with lining. Unlike some zippered pouches, this style offers a clean method for finishing off the ends of the zipper so they don't dive into the pouch.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need the following supplies:

-Sewing machine

- Exterior Fabric (you can buy the purple veggie fabric I designed and is used in this tutorial here:

- Interior Fabric (use a thin piece of scrap fabric for this. It's easiest of the lining is the same on both sides)

- A 7" zipper (you can buy one at the local craft store for about $3 or buy 54 for $13 here:

-Measuring tape or ruler

-Thread and a bobbin



-Pencil or pen

-A key for the sewing machine in case you need to switch needles (you can use a coin if you don't have a key)

-Iron (not strictly necessary, but nice to have)

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