Simple Little Napkin Hanger- From Junk!

Introduction: Simple Little Napkin Hanger- From Junk!

This is really a ridiculously banal craftwork, barely worthy of an Instructable. But perhaps it will inspire someone to turn some broken or waste odds and ends lying around the house in to something useful.

I'm a huge reuse junkie. So when I realised we needed a steady napkin holder beside the kitchen sink, I wanted to use as many old this-and-that as possible to make it.

So here's how to make a quick, virtually cost-less napkin hanger. You can add as many rungs to it as you have napkins to hang and material to work with!

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Step 1: Gathering Materials.

The design is really very simple, as the sketch shows.

For the rungs, I've used old attar (perfume) bottles. But you can use anything that is light and has a shape good enough to easily hang a napkin on (PVC pipes, light metal/plastic/wood rods or tubes, old drill bits etc). If you have an intact piece of the desired length for the rungs, you can skip Step 2.

For the connecting wires, I've used earphone and mobile charger cables that stopped working.

The ribbon from an old night gown was used to hang the structure.

Step 2: The Rungs.

Since my attar bottles are quite short, I had to glue two together head-to-tail with a strong epoxy adhesive to make one rung.

Leave to dry till firmly adhered, if you also weren't lucky enough to find a rung of the desired length.

Step 3: The Knot.

Take your connecting wires (wool, cable, thread, twine; whatever it is) and tie it as shown in Photos 1-5 . This is exactly the same knot that you'd make at your neck with a tie.

Let there be a loop of diameter large enough to lasso around your rung, as seen in the Photo 5.

Do this to both ends of both wires.

Step 4: Putting It Together & Completion.

Now, simply insert one end of the rung in to the loop and pull the end shown. Repeat with the all four loops to get the structure shown in Photo 5.

You can apply some glue at the points where the rung meets the cables to get a firmer grip, to be sure that the rungs won't slip out during use. This is optional.

Now take some ribbon and tie an ordinary sturdy knot, as seen in the Photo 5. This is so you can hang the structure where you please.

Now you can paint the structure and decorate as per preference.

Like I said, you can add as many rungs as needed. I finally ended up with three functional rungs, but decided to leave the top one bare.

Hope this was a useful guide to a simple but satisfying reuse project!

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