Simple Low Cost Wedding Seating Chart

Introduction: Simple Low Cost Wedding Seating Chart

When choosing where your guests are going to sit at your wedding, there is a lot to consider. Which ones are friends? Who will get along? What is the best option for everyone to have a pleasant time?

When asking yourself these questions, being able to move names around is a necessity, and having a large graph to see the big picture is very useful. So, I decided to make a large chart so that I could really visualize my ideas. My wedding is very small, less than 50 people but this strategy is easily adapted to any size party. The color coding also helped keep everything organized and easy to see. All for less than 3 dollars and 1 trip to the dollar store.

Step 1: What You'll Need


Blank poster board < $1

tab sticky notes $1

sharpie 1$

measuring item

straight edge

Very simple and low cost project, priceless organization.

Step 2: Draw Out Your Tables

We decided to go with a banquet style as our wedding will be Renaissance themed. I used 1 inch per foot to create as real of a graph as possible. I strongly suggest measuring the room and tables that you will be using to ensure accuracy. The last thing anyone wants is to plan an entire seating arrangement, and not have the room necessary on the big day!

Step 3: Color Key

I suggest using the different colors to identify different groups. I separated my groups into Wedding Party, Bride's faimily, Groom's family and Friends. If you have a very large amount of guests you could use different colors to indicate different friend groups as well. Nice and organized :)

Step 4: Completed Chart

I used the middle part between the tables to host the names as I sorted them. I have already moved people around many times and I am certain they will continue to be moved. Luckily with using the sticky notes, moving them around is very simple and accommodate my inability to make final decisions!

Hopefully this helps you organize your Wedding or party. Let me know what you think!

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