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Introduction: 6$ DIY Low Profile Bike Speaker

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Today I will be showing an easy weekend project that might be useful to some fellow cyclist out there.

As a solo rider I get bored sometimes during my daily biking and as we all know biking with earphones is a bad Idea so I decided to recycle my old portable speakers and make it my very own speakers for riding small as it looks but it sounds good. With less than 12$ you can make your very own Bike speakers loud enough for you to hear during your biking session every weekend.

With this Idea help me win a 3d printer and I will make another version of this that will suit most bike frames out there "3D printed casing Water proof, Bluetooth compatible" also comment below to help me improve my design thank you. :D

Small but loud

This will depend on the portable speaker you have. But usually its loud anyways

LOW PROFILE....Maybe..... up to you

With just one speaker we might say its low profile but it still depends on how you will make yours too

Water proof?

Well you can make it water proof simply add plastic dip on the Circuit your done just dont coat the terminals duuuhhh

but for me I did not water proof mine yet since I plan on 3d printing a proper casing for this

Battery Life?

No Problem this thing can last for almost the whole day


No for the time being since a portable speaker with too many features can be a bit bulky so lets save it for future designs.

Will it scratch my bike's frame

You might end up scratching it so I recommend making your measurements precise as possible.And apply some masking tape on the part of your bike to avoid scratches

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Step 1: Parts & Materials

Main Parts

A bike $$$$ ?

A portable speaker w/ aluminum enclosure to be exact got this as a gift so lets say 5$

A mini switch .50$

Tools and other materials




Soldering Iron

Scarp soft plastic or acrylic glass

solder lead

Aviation snips (optional) cutting soft plastic

Metal file.

Step 2:

Using your cutter and slide through edges edges and make a gap big enough for your finger nails to do the work

remove everything inside the casing including the small speakers.


I have no paint but feel free to paint the whole aluminum

Step 3: Masking Things Up

Add masking tape on the enclosure and that is where we will put our measurements and guidelines

Proceed to your bike and measure its aluminum tube just like in the photo

Know your aluminum casing' measurement W and H

Follow the example I did on the 3rd image

After doing one side do it again at the opposite side

Remember to indicate your center line~

Step 4:

Cut through the guide line and your casing should have this

At the other side you must do the same but cut the remaining aluminum

Step 5: Adding Your Switch

put back your speakers and find a way to put your switch and battery. Drill a hole suitable for your switch and then solder the switch onto the battery

Step 6:

Now that your enclosure is done lets get back to the circuit Board

Now if by any chances you have some plastic dip around there feel free to coat the PCB just remember not to coat the terminals.

Get your scrap plastic and copy what I did on the photo

Get your epoxy and enclose the gaps you see around it

Step 7: Rewire Your Whole Speaker

Rewire the whole thing and do some testing on the bike itself

Step 8: Sticking the Controls Beside the Casing

With epoxy apply quite an amount to make sure that the controls wont break off

Let it dry and do some testing if its safe enough to use outdoors

when done attach the whole thing on the bike and strap it with some zip ties to make sure the whole thing wont fall off

Thank you for reading! and Good luck with your weekend project!

..........yeaah the green car is Mr Beans :D

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