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Introduction: Simple Machine Lift for Kids to Play

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My son, loves to play with toy cars..

I saw few good toy car parking on internet, made of wood. And decided to make one.... but it is not easy to make or find material to make one.

So building it in parts.....

This lift can be used in making car parking, garage, dollhouse etc

In this instructable, I will will share how I made the car lift .

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

Material And Tools
- Wood strips
- Saw
- Hammer and nails
- Cardboard
- Acrylic paints
- Paper clips
- Wooden skewers
- Pencil and scale
- Cutter
- Drill machine
- Fevicol or glue
- Paper tape

Step 2: Frame

To start with, cut wooden strips into

- 360mm length - 4 no
- 100mm length - 4 no
- 5 inches length - 4 no
- 85mm length - 1 no
- 130mm x 130mm plywood

Using very fine nails fix then as shown to make rectangles and then join them on one side only.

5 inches strips are used from outside for support

Step 3: Top and Bottom

The frame is very weak, considering we will have one side completely open

We need to support it at the top and bottom.

Temporarily fix a plywood at the top, using nails on the side. then find out the center for each pillar and nail it. Remove temporary nails when done

Fix wooden strips at the bottom as shown (5inches)

Since I cut the wood by hand, they are not to correct length, there are some gaps

But everything fits in

Step 4: Lift

To make the lift, I used cardboard box and cut it to dimensions of the structure. It may be different for you. Mine was 100mm x 96mm square base.

Make guides using more cardboard pieces and stick them on the side of the lift

Step 5: Pulley

Drill holes of the size of skewers

Using paper clips fix two small pieces of skewers as shown

Then tie thread from skew to the lift. Adjust length of thread as required.

To avoid pulley moving or wobbling, fix some paper clip at the ends of skewers, so that there is no space to wobble

Step 6: Paint It and Play

Paint it using Acrylic colors of your choice.

My son has already started playing and lifting, not just cars but also toy animals.

Hope you liked it. Please share comments

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