Simple Macro Lens for Lomo Kontruktor!

Introduction: Simple Macro Lens for Lomo Kontruktor!

In this, my very first Instructable, I want to show you how to make simple macro lens for your Lomo Konstruktor!

What you will need:

- Konstruktor
- Empty toothpick box
- Hair band
- Some sticker paper/electric tape etc.

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Step 1: Prepare Yor Camera

First step of course is to get and prepare your Konstruktor! You might want to have it unloaded, lets not risk exposing your film, ok?

Unscrew your lens and remove sticker covering four screws that hold the whole lens together.

Step 2: Take Your Lens Apart!

remove those 4 tiny screws and take undo your lens in three different parts
- part with actual lens
- part with focus distance numbers (we wont need that)
- part that that screws to the camera

Step 3: Toothpick Box

I bet you have this box laying somewhere in your kitchen, now its time to use it!
But first clean it. Seriously, do it. We don't want any debris in you camera chamber now do we?

Step 4: Toothpic Box 2

Now cut out the bottom of the box and smooth out the edges.
Now fit part of the lens containing the glass in the hole you just cut out.
It might not fit at first try, so what I did is, I warmed up edges of this box with a lighter and when it was still warm, I squeezed lens in. Just don't melt it, that would be a bummer!

Step 5: Screw Part

Now its time for hair band to be a hero of this story!.. I mean instructable.

just put it on the screw part, for a nice tight fit. Yup, that's it. Not really heroic, is it?

Step 6: Final Assembly!

Now put it all together!
Thanks to hairband, the whole lens doesn't fall apart and sits nice and fit (maybe it is a hero after all.)

Step 7: Finishing Touches

So since I like blue, I covered the lens in blue sticker paper.
You can choose whatever colour  you like (it sounded almost like I had any influence on it in the first place).

Since there's no focus in this lens, you do that by moving towards and away from object you want to take photo of. Also, I recommend using tripod because it just looks more professional... jk, You might want to use Knostruktor in Bulb mode while using this lens.

Ahh, almost forgot to add, you can totally take it apart and use standard lens whenever you want, its not permanent. (But why would you do that, its such a nice macro lens!)

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