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Introduction: Simple Magazine Holder

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Simple Magazine Holder

This is a very simple magazine holder than you could make in 30 minutes or less... Now I added the Justice League logos of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman but this was only to spruce it up a little.

Cut 3 pieces of stock at 230mm x 340mm (I used 19mm Stock pine but use what you have) then cut 3 pieces at 230mm x 90mm these are all the pieces that are required. and you are almost made.

Now I used pocket holes on the under side of the smaller pieces we just cut to attached to the larger, but you don't have to use pocket holes you could use dowel and or just direct screw it in from the back. The reason I used pocket holes is because I have the jig and they are quick, simple and effective to use.

Now is the time to add any design you see fit I added the Justice League logos of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman because I am a geek, but you can add anything here. However if you wish to use the logos I used they they will be available from our website for free.

Once your design is cut or carved and painted and or wood burnt on (it is unlimited what you could do) then you are ready to assemble the unit.

It is a little difficult to explain but a each smaller piece gets attached to one of the larger at one end making sure your pocket screws are on the underside. I glued and then clamped and screwed in the pocket screws. I repeated this till I have all three attached to their respective pieces. From here we now need to attach the all three together to form the completed rack. But we need to stagger them so when the unit is standing it is on an angle to hold the magazines.

If this doesn't make sense and I am sure to some it won't and I apologise for this it is best to watch the video. I cut and use a 30mm spacer for this clamping the spacer to one then gluing and screwing them together. But the design is so simple you should be able to work it out just from the picture...

And it is as simple as that...


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    3 years ago

    Nice choice in adding the Justice League logos. :)


    3 years ago

    This is a great design, I really like it. Nicely done!