Simple Magnetic Levitation Toys

It show you how to make a very simple magnetic levitation experiment

Step 1: Parts List

Parts List for Magnetic leviation :

1. Pyrolytic Graphite 1PCS 10*10mm

2. Strong block Magnet Min 4PCS N52 Neodymium Magnet 10*10*10mm

3. Magnetic viewer film 1PCS 50*50mm

4. Magnetic pole pen 1PCS

Step 2: Assembly

Firstly , Test the magnetic poles through magnetic poles pen for each 10*10*10mm magnet . and the magnetic viewer film can be the auxiliary tool .

Then align the magnet in the following (at least two rows with each two piece magnets) :

Row 1 uper side face : N-S-N-S

Row 2 uper side face: S-N-S-N

Row 3 uper side face: N-S-N-S

Row 4 uper side face: S-N-S-N

Step 3: Levitation Experiment

Pyrolytic graphite is a high diamagnetic material. So the prolytic graphite repels the magnetic filed greatly !

Put the Pyrolytic graphite over the group of magnets , then you will see the Pyrolytic graphite levitate over the magnets.

Then you can get one magnetic viewer filed to pass the gap between the strong magnets and pyrolytic graphite.

It is magic experiments!

You can see video from YouTube link:



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