Simple Make-up/Pencil Holder

Introduction: Simple Make-up/Pencil Holder

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Step 1: You Will Need

Jar Marbles/Beads etc Optional: Bracelet

Step 2: Jar

Take your jar and marbles and place the bracelet to the side

Step 3: Put Marbles in Jar

Careful put the marbles into your jar

Step 4: If You Are Using a Few Types...

Don't worry if they don't mix we'll at first

Step 5: Get Ready

Place your hand over the top of the jar

Step 6: Shake

Shake your jar well (only if using two types or more of marbles

Step 7: Take Your Bracelet

Make sure it elasticated or long enough to go all the way around your jar

Step 8: It Should Look Like This...

Step 9: Place Your Contents Inside

(Example1 with pens and pencils) (Example2 with make up stuff) (Example3 with paintbrushes) PLEASE FOLLOW TO C MORE STUFF LIKE THIS INCLUDING.... SCHOOL LOCKER ORGANISING! Many thnx xx

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    Cool!! Great first instructables liv!