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Introduction: Simple Aluminum Pendant

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Here is how to make a simple pendant. It's not necessarily a masculine pendant but it is one that I can wear with out getting some weirder looks. I'm going to apologize in advance for the mess and photo quality.

Step 1: Find a Metal Rod

You first need to find a metal rod. I'm using an aluminum rod coated with copper or something coppery colored.

Step 2: Cut

Cut about 2 inches off your rod. I'm using a hacksaw.

Step 3: Chuck It in Your Drill Press

Chuck the rod into your drill press. I'm not actually using a drill press but I'm using a shopsmith which is basically a sideways drill press(for what I'm using it for).

Step 4: Sand or File Off Any Damages or Impurities

Sand off the impurities I'm filing off a lot of material because my rod is very damaged

Step 5: Round Over One End

Round over the end of the rod with sandpaper or files

Step 6: Sand With Various Grits Up to at Least 600

Sand with grits up to 600 I'm going up to 1500

Step 7: Cut It Off

Cut the metal off. Cut about a inch off

Step 8: Wrap Paper Around the Bottom

Wrap paper around the bottom of the piece at the end you smoothed out. And then chuck it into the drill press with the jaws against the paper the papers job is to keep the metal from scratching. Although this isn't the best way to keep it from getting marked up it's the best I could do.

Step 9: Sand the Other End

Grind, sand, file the other end to the point where you would be comfortable having it close to your neck. It's sharp from cutting

Step 10: Figure Out How You Want to Hang It From a String

You can either drill a hole, I won't walk you through that or you can cut a groove

Step 11: Done!

Enjoy your new cool pendant



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    The only problem I can envision is that with such a multi-useful and attractive object, visible to all, suspended from a lanyard around the wearer's vulnerable neck, wouldn't theft by strangulation become an issue? I suggest, as a precaution, keeping this item concealed while the wearer ambulates around in the larger American cities.

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    If you are sincerely worried about this you could also use magnets as a clasp for the lanyard so IF it was attempted to be pulled off it would come right off without any strangulation to yourself, but to the thief mabe... :) thanks for the comment

    if you can, carry a weapon, hopefully it scare them and you won't have use it, if you do, a strike to the leg should knock them down long enough to retrieve it and call the police

    I can't call the police; I have too many warrants myself! I'd have to share the paddy wagon with my robber! Plus then the unscrupulous police would confiscate my pendant!

    I finished mine with 1500 grit sand paper, then I blued it with a propane torch and covered it with Schilac. Turned out great!

    A lathe would be a better tool for this job, But lathes are expensive. I made this instructable for almost anyone to make.

    This is correct. A lathe would be the proper tool for this piece.

    I don't need a "pendant" to show others how Masculine I am