Simple Mini HHO Generator!




Introduction: Simple Mini HHO Generator!

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Today I will show you how to make A great output HHO generator for under 5 dolllars!

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Step 1: Get the Stuff

You will need the following: A 9 or 12 volt wall charger (can be found at any thrift store. Make sure it is A DC power supply) A 4" tall airtight pill bottle. fish tank or oxygen tube. Two bolts measuring three inches long and four nuts to fit on them. Epoxy (optional). Electric tape. A drill and 2 bits, one the same size as both bolt and one the same size as the fish tank tube. Distilled water and baking soda.

Step 2: Drilling...

Drill three holes in the cap of the medicine bottle in the same places shown above in the picture. Be careful not to crack the lid!

Step 3: Screwing...

Before doing anything, screw A nut onto each bolt. Next, Screw the two bolts in the holes directly across from each other and make sure that they are not touching at all. Now screw in the remaining nuts, one to each bolt. These are to keep the bolts in place. In that extra hole above both bolts, squeeze the fish tank tube in. It should be A tight fit. Blow on the fish tank tube awE little bit. If you hear any air leaking, put some epoxy on the seams of the screws and let it sit for 24 hours.

Step 4: Stripping and Taping...

Take the 9 or 12 volt wall charger and strip both wires. Now wrap one wire around one bolt, and the other wire around the other bolt once again making sure that the bolts and separate wires are not touching . Now tape the wires to the bolts. Don't use anything over 12 volts.

Step 5: Solution Dilution...

To make the simple electrolytic solution, fill the bottle 3/4 the way fulland add half A teaspoon of baking soda. Mix for about 15 seconds.

Step 6: Make a Highly Explosive Gas Using Water!

Screw on your modified cap and plug it in. To make A bubbler to collect the gas and to help prevent your HHO generator from exploding, pimply fill A paper or plastic cup, not glass, with water and A few drops of soap. Stick the fish tank tube in the bottom of the cup and small HHO bubbles will float to the top and collect together. This amount was collected at 12 volts in 20 seconds. Always wear safety glasses and ear protection when your are making and using this gas. And it is probably A good idea to have A fire extinguisher on hand. From here I am not responsible for what you do with this explosive gas, so please be careful! Dont forget to leave comments! Thanks for reading.

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