Simple Mini Tesla Coil




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this is a very simple project,mini tesla coil

47k replaced by 10K,others almost the same

Although small, but can emit electric spark

Step 1: Use a Knife to Scrape Off the Surface of the Paint

1.Cut off long legs, keep them about 5mm long

2.Use a knife to scrape off the surface of the paint

Step 2: Welding Primary Coil

the primary coil high about 3mm,so i find a 3mm thickness wood,put it under the coil,it is Convenient for me to weld

after welding,need a little adjustment, make it very round.

Step 3: Welding LED

the LED can show the Working condition of the secondary coil,and aslo make this project more beautiful

Please pay attention to the direction of the positive.

Step 4: Welding the 10K Resistance, Capacitance, Switch ,The Power Plug

Step 5: The Triode

before welding the triode on the pcb,i put it together with the hot sink first,then welding it on the pcb,at last Tighten the screws

Step 6: Welding Secondary Coil

before welding,Scrape the surface paint

then welding to the "L2" pad on the PCB

use screw fixed the secondary coil

Step 7: Finished

find a 12V DC,have some test,it work very well,can light some neon bulb

Step 8:



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    1 year ago

    Hi, I'm new at this site.

    Is there a material list, and where to buy somewhere?



    1 year ago

    I made it. 12 V DC Works to light two neon bulb and one red led.