Simple Mini Water Sprayer




Introduction: Simple Mini Water Sprayer

This Instructable will teach you how to a Simple Water Sprayer that will take no more then five minutes. =)

Step 1: Materials

-Mini Binder Clip
-Pipette (fully plastic)
-Straw (Optional if you don't think the pipette tubing (not pipette container) is as big as a straw)
-Duct Tape
-Scissors (strong enough to cut through metal)

Step 2: Cut the Pipette

To start the pipette cutting, you'll need to cut the pipette right where the funnel finishes getting bigger. Next if you are using the pipette tubing or a straw cut it at the height of the pipette container. Cut the leftover straw to about half of the first cut.

Step 3: Cutting the Binder Clip

Cut the binder clip at the point where the clip makes it first ~90 degrees turn. This will be used as a hinge. Warning after cut the metal is very sharp.

Step 4: Duct Taping

Here is the fun and not so fun part :o. First duct tape around the sharp edged metal part of the binder clip. Secondly take the longer tubing and duct tape it so just ~ 5mm hang over the top of the pipette container. Thirdly take the water container and duct tape it to the longer part of the binder clip(make sure you put it on the correct side or else hinge won't work properly). Finally duct tape the smaller tubing to the other part of the binder clip (make sure you put it on the correct side or else hinge won't work properly). That is a lot of duct taping :)

Step 5: Go Spray Some Friends

First you might want to fill the container with water (or else you'll be spraying air, which isn't much fun ;) ). To spray simply move the smaller tubing up to meet the other tubing about half of the tubing up and at a 90 degrees angle. Now simply blow into the smaller tubing and watch your friends run as the new ruler of the neighborhood moves in with his Simple Water Sprayer. Until they bring their water guns. Good Luck with that ;).

Step 6: Variations

This machine has a very simple and can be varied easily.
Ideas:-Use a bigger water container for longer sprays.
- Make straws bigger and longer for bigger sprays (be careful if you make it bigger the air needs to move quicker or else it won't spray.
- Make a cap so you can put it in your pocket for later use.
The possibilities are endless!!! not really. But putting variations on it is loads of fun.

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    4 Discussions

    Here's a tip put some water in your mouth and spray voila. Much faster and easier.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    For the liquid its not very hard to change the capacity, just get a bigger container. And for the air brush i'm not sure if it'll work i've never tried =S


    10 years ago on Introduction

    For the amount of liquid this holds, I'm thinking that you'd be better with the water and tube in your mouth? Can you use this as an airbrush? L