Simple Mobile Phone Charger Only in One Hour

Introduction: Simple Mobile Phone Charger Only in One Hour

Mobile phones are very important nowadays. Can you think a day without this fancy device? Obviously, no, but what you will do when you have lost your phone charger or your charger is not working properly. Obviously, you will buy a new one. But do you know you can make the charger by yourself? Let's see how you can make your own cell phone charger so let's get started.

Step 1: Watch the Video to Understand Everything

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Components You Need

12-0-12 600Mah Transformer

4*4007 diode

470uf 32v capacitors I don’t have this value so I am using 330 Uf 63V Capacitor right now

1 buck converter

1 piece of varo board

USB female connector

Step 4: Components Arrangement

Step 5: Assembling USB

Before placing any components on varo board place the USB female connector first. Let’s mark the corresponding hole of the connector and drill on those marks with a 3mm drill bit. Now place the USB female connector and solder them.

Short D+ and D- Pins On The USB female connector

Step 6: Soldering & Wiring

Use Silver Copper Wire to connect the buck converter with the varo board. After soldering couple of minutes, the circuit is finally done.

Step 7: Let's Connect the Circuit With the Transformer

Connect the circuit with transformer 24V line as you see on the image

Step 8: Adjust the Potentiometer on 5.1V

Step 9: Now You Are Good to Go

You can see the circuit is working very well and my phone is now charging also.

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