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Introduction: Stackable Wooden Storage Crates

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Helloooo & Happy New Year Everybody!

Take a look in this instructable, where you will see how I built some simple, modern, stackable wooden crates, made of Pinewood, that I created for the favors of my niece’s baptism.

Step 1:

I built them in such a way that each one can be placed inside the other, in order to take up less space and be easier to move.

Step 2:

Because these lumbers come in 3 meters length, I started to cut them in smaller pieces.

Step 3:

Then I put a stop block and cut all the pieces precisely in the dimensions I need them to be. Firstly at the right length and then at the right width. That in this case is 5cm.

Step 4:

Every wooden crate has 4 legs, 20cm long and 5cm wide, and each of them consists of 2 pieces of wood. This means that I have to cut 40 pieces in total.

Step 5:

In order for every leg be the same on every side, I measured the thickness of the wood and then I subtracted it from the total width of a piece.

Step 6:

Then I started to assemble all the pieces together.

Step 7:

Marked them, drilled them and screwed them.

Step 8:

Then I rounded all the edges with the router.

Step 9:

I sanded them, puttied all the holes and then sanded them again for a smoother feeling.

Step 10:

Then I repeated the same process for the side pieces of the wooden crates.

Step 11:

Nailed them, marked them, drilled them, screwed them, sanded them, rounded all the edges, puttied all the holes and then sanded them again for a smoother feeling.

Step 12:

For the bottom of the wooden crates I used nine pieces of 54cm length and 5cm width. Also I left a space of 11mm between them.

Step 13:

Marked them, drilled them and screwed them.

Step 14:

After the bottom of every crate is ready, I took the remaining pieces and installed the legs on them.

Step 15:

I left 3cm from the top, so that every crate can fit in into the other.

Step 16:

After I finished that process, I took the bottom pieces I built before and installed them onto the other pieces with the legs.

Step 17:

Also left a 3cm gap between these two pieces.

Step 18:

Nailed them, screwed them and the crates are ready!!

Step 19:

Thanks for reading! I hope 2017 to be a Wonderful, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous year for Everyone!



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20 Discussions

I need a few sets of these for the garage. Awesome instructable.

I'm happy that you liked it and thanks a lot for your kind words!

Stay tuned for more! Best wishes!


1 year ago

This is excellent. I love that you made the instructable so easy to follow. You are so organized and this is so clear. I would like to try this, I'll probably have the store do the main cuts. I'd like to do it on a smaller scale to hold my cosmetic craft supplies. Thank you. There must be a contest I can vote for you in. :)

1 reply

I greatly appreciate your warm words of encouragement! It's very kind of you!

The truth is that I’m out of time now and I haven’t checked out the contests… Maybe I'm gonna do it now! Thanks a lot for the support anyway!

Take care & All the Best!

great instructable and awesome results! Could you let us know what software you used to make the plans?


1 reply

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

I'm using SketchUp. It's free & easy to learn! Try it!

Best wishes!

Awesome, I may just build a couple sets of these for my pantry to hold my potatoes and other veggies. Maybe put wheels on the bottom one so I can move it into a corner and pull it out when I need it. Nice job.

1 reply

Thank you very much! Great idea by the way!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

Well, now I have ANOTHER item on my "to-do" list. This is awesome. Thanx.

1 reply

Thanks, mate! Try it! I’m sure you will do just fine!

(Always keep in mind that woodworking is a dangerous activity that demands various safety precautions to be taken)._

Take care!

This is just a quality instructable. You are very clear, with many helpful diagrams, and a video to boot. Thank you for posting this!

1 reply

Also casters for the bottom 'rung' would be a good idea, depending on the use case.

Sweet. Very multi-functional.

Do you work for Ikea? What is this called? Bjogshrnop? JK, seriously. But you could probably make the legs 'screw on', Ikea style, with hex bolts/screws. Depends how much you'd ever want to break them down I guess...

Very nice

Might I suggest you are making work for yourself cutting all the pieces to size and then assembling? (For instance the leg elements could have been made much longer and then cut to length using a stop block and your table sled)

Similarly nail and glue saves the trouble, overkill and expense of screws - and still plenty strong.

Perhaps the ends of the bottom pieces in a shallow dado trench

those are really great. being a soaper, I of course would like them for my soap curing racks.