Simple Mosquito Netting for a Hammock.




Introduction: Simple Mosquito Netting for a Hammock.

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Hammocks and mosquitos don't go well together. It is very easy to fix that.

Within an hour you can make yourself a comfortable, ultralight, minimalist hammock mosquito protection!

All you need is a piece of tulle and some bungee cord and two cord locks.

Step 1: Measure the Length Between the End Points of Your Suspended Hammock.

Step 2: Purchase Some Tulle or Net-like Fabric of the Similar Length and About 6 Feet Wide and Saw the Long Edges Together. You Can Use a Sewing Machine or Do It by Hand.

Step 3: Create Two Channels for a Bungee Cord on Both Ends of Your Tule Tube and Insert Some Bungee Cord With a Safety Pin.

Step 4: That Is It! It Is Ready!



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    very is very helful when outing or camping...

    So simple! Who knew it would be this easy to be so comfortable while camping. Thanks for posting.

    Very cool. I am going to have to remember this. Mosquitoes are terrible in my area.