Simple Music Instrument Using Coconut Shell and Bamboo Stick




Introduction: Simple Music Instrument Using Coconut Shell and Bamboo Stick

This is a simple stringed instrument which is easy to build and fun to play.  More over built mostly from waste materials. 

Recently I had been to near by Village and my view locked on couple of kids who were playing with these home-made instrument, Dancing for their custom made tunes. This influenced  me to build my own instrument back at home. After all just a used coconut shell and bamboo stick, Isn't It? Oh and just 30 mins of your weekend...

Lets get started !!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required


Coconut Shell
Bamboo  stick  ( length = 14 inch, width = 3/4 inch )
Fishing line        (  I used 0.35mm  line here, length= around 60 inch )


Drill Machine ( or any other tool to make large holes in the coconut shell )
Sand Paper   (optional )
Cutting Blade 


Gather the require materials, Using sand paper make the surface of coconut shell smoother. and drill a hole in the shell using Driller ( you can also use nail and hammer to cut a hole ).  Here i have used driller and drilled small holes nearby to make it look  like oval shape, I have also used file to make it look even. Width of drilled holes should be less than that of the bamboo stick.

Now using cutting blade scrape out sides of bamboo in the end which has to be locked into the shell, after attaching bamboo stick into the shell please make sure, bamboo does not move any further.

Cut out two small v groves in the coconut shell as well as other end of bamboo stick, this is done so that the string would not slip out.

Measure the length of string that has to be used, In my case it was around 52 inches and have used fishing liner of .35mm . now tie the ends of the string to make a loop and slip it into the instrument as shown in the white sheet. ( please note that  the string is tight and the tightness is responsible for the tune coming out of it, so do experiment). 

Your own musical instrument is ready in less than 30 mins.

Drilling hole in shell can be tricky, children are advised to do this project under the supervision/guidance of adults.

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    4 years ago

    What should we name this instrument then??


    4 years ago

    I will most certainly give this one a try and report back! Thank you very much for such a simple plan.