Simple Musical Instrument




Introduction: Simple Musical Instrument

This is a simple musical instrument consisting of a button, a speaker and a potentiometer. There is also an LCD Display to let you know the note you are playing, but it is not necessarily required to make the instrument.

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Step 1: Build the Circuit


  • Arduino (I used an Arduino Uno)
  • Push button switch
  • 10K Ohm resistor
  • Potentiometer
  • Speaker or Piezo (I used a speaker I took from an old land-line phone)
  • Optional: LCD Display and 220 Ohm resistor

Build the circuit as shown in the design. The LCD is the standard arduino way to connect, except that pin 9 is used to control contrast (which allows for one less potentiometer to be used, since breadboard real estate is valuable when an LCD is used).

Step 2: The Code

The code is very simple and uses intervals of the potentiometer reading to create different switch cases. The button is used in the input pullup mode, and a tone corresponding to the potentiometer position is played whenever it is pressed.

This project is currently written in the Key of C, but a button (or potentiometer) could easily be added to allow for key changes for you more advanced musicians/engineers.

Step 3: Become a Rock Star With Your New Instrument!

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